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2022 CARPD Conference: Keynote Speaker Preview

2 weeks away! Writer, director, and producer, Seth Porges, will be the Keynote Speaker at the 2022 CARPD Conference!

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Seth Porges directed, produced, and wrote the breakthrough documentary Class Action Park, which debuted at number one on HBO Max. The documentary was nominated for a Critics Choice Award and won “Best Documentary” at the 2021 Hollywood Critics Association Film Awards. Seth is currently directing and producing a stranger-than-fiction true-con doc for a major streaming platform. With a background in magazine journalism, Seth was previously the technology editor at Popular Mechanics magazine, a columnist for Bloomberg Businessweek, has appeared in roughly 50 episodes of Travel’s Mysteries at the Museum, and is authoring an upcoming book about the neurophysiology of trauma to be published by W.W. Norton.

"Class Action Park" is the first-ever feature-length documentary to explore the legend, legacy, and truth behind a place that long ago entered the realm of myth. To some, New Jersey's infamous Action Park was the most spectacularly fun amusement park on Earth: A place where unruly 1980s teenagers were given free rein to go gonzo on strange contraptions that seemed to violate the laws of common sense (and perhaps physics). To others, it was an ill-conceived death trap. One thing is sure: It's the type of place that will never exist again. Shirking the trappings of nostalgia, the film uses investigative journalism, newly unearthed and never-before-seen documents and recordings, original animations, and interviews with the people who lived it to reveal the true story for the first time. -HBO Max

Click here for the HBO Max official trailer for Class Action Park.

Seth will be speaking at the CARPD Conference at 10:30 am on Thursday, May 19th, in South Lake Tahoe, CA. 

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