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CARPD GM Broadcast: Request for Information - Dog Park Restrictions; Qualified Grant Writer Referral

The CARPD GM Broadcast is utilized to facilitate an exchange of information amongst our members. If you have any questions or job postings to circulate to the membership, please contact us.


Auburn Area Recreation and Park District is looking for information regarding Dog Park Restrictions. 

  • Does your agency have a Dog Park?  
  • If so, do you restrict un-neutered dogs from entering?  
  • If you do restrict un-neutered dogs, have you had any issues with this rule?  

Please respond directly to Auburn Area RPD's District Administrator, Kahl Muscott at

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Dunsmuir RPD is hoping the CARPD general managers can direct him to a qualified grant writer to assist in the preparation and review of various grant applications benefitting the district.

Any suggestions can be sent to Mike Rodriguez via email at or call his cell at 530-859-0294.


Thank you!
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