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CARPD President's Report - August 2022

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The Sweet Sounds of Summer Are Back!

As I sit in my office listening to the cheerful exuberance of children playing, I can’t help but think that “WE’RE BACK.” The sounds floating from the park into my office are one of the signs that after two quiet summers we can finally enjoy the sounds of play that tell the tale that we make a difference in our communities, families, and individuals.  When we were together in May at the Conference in Lake Tahoe many of you shared your plans for return to play and I know that we were all secretly holding our breath that we could implement the programs, events, and services that our community needed. Too many times over the past two summers plans were made and cancelled due to changing health directives, so we grew weary and protective of our hope to hear those sounds of summer in 2022. What is the one activity, event or program that is finally returning to your district this summer? For us here in Pleasant Hill it is our annual Blues & Brews Festival.  This is our biggest event of the year and after two summers has finally made its triumphant return.

Did you know that CARPD schedules regular roundtable remote meetings for General Managers and Board Members? These meetings are an opportunity for members to share successes, solve problems, and build each other up as we move into our next season when the sounds change from summer to fall. I invite you to check out the calendar of upcoming roundtable discussions and plan to join the call to ask a question, share a success or favorite sound of summer. You can find the calendar here

CARPD continues to expand its membership and I would like to welcome El Dorado Hills Community Services District and Feather River Recreation and Park District. New members bring a new energy, perspective, and opportunity for us to be better together.  I am looking forward to meeting board members and staff from our newest members at upcoming events and meetings.

I’m looking forward to working with the CARPD Board of Directors and staff to expand our membership and provide valuable resources to help our members thrive as we continue to make our triumphant return as the heart of our communities.

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Michelle Lacy,

Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District

President, CARPD


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