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CARPD President's Report - March 2023

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Attend Conference and Share a Story with Me

Well, it seems like just a few months ago we all gathered in beautiful Lake Tahoe discussing trends post-COVID and supporting each other through shared stories and experiences. One of my favorite parts of CARPD is the learning and support that comes from our annual gathering. Once again in May we will gather in the woods, albeit a new setting for our organization. Are you as excited as I am to gather in Yosemite on May 17? With the enticing new location I’m hoping that we have the largest gathering of member districts we have seen since 2019. If you have not attended a conference in previous years I’m hoping that either the location or the slate of educational sessions planned by our Conference Committee convince you to register yourself, a Board Member or another staff member of your organization. 

Did you know we have 73 member Districts in CARPD? That means that if you have a question, issue or struggle in your organization I’m positive that at least one other member will have a potential solution. The business of Recreation and Park Districts is consistent across the state regardless of size, budget, or geography. Our business is to provide “Play for All” through social, recreation and arts programs as well as parks and facilities. Some of us may have over 50 parks and some may have only a few, but the tie that binds us is that we are providing play for our residents.  I’m super excited to hear about and learn how my colleagues in other parts of our Great State are providing play opportunities for all.

I hope you will be joining me in Yosemite as I close out my presidential year and share one story with me about how you are providing “Play for All” in your community.



Michelle Lacy,

Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park District

President, CARPD


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