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2024 CARPD Conference Session Preview: Roundtable Topics

Hand with marker writing "Let's Discuss" next to a doodle of a megaphone.

As part of our interactive Roundtable Sessions, we invite you to contribute to the dialogue and share your expertise. This is a unique opportunity to engage with peers, explore new ideas, and drive meaningful conversations in your field. Therefore, we encourage you to submit topics for discussions that will facilitate impactful discussions with your colleagues.

Please submit your proposed topics by May 15th, 2024 to Matthew Duarte at

In addition,  one topic will address best practices for Performance Reviews led by President-Elect Brian Danzl.  If you have any (1) success stories or (2) examples to share, please send them to him at directly at

We look forward to your active participation and the diverse perspectives you will bring to the 2024 CARPD Conference. Together, let’s make this event a hub of innovation and collaboration.




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