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The California Association of Recreation and Park Districts, CARPD, is a 501c(6), not-for-profit organization representing special recreation and park districts throughout California. 

CARPD has been dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of recreation and park districts. Through two joint powers authorities, CARPD members are eligible for reduced rates on Workers' Compensation Coverage and Liability/Property Damage Insurance; saving local communities thousands of dollars.

The Board of Directors is made up of representatives from CARPD recreation and park districts and tracks legislation and other issues that affect member districts. Each spring, CARPD hosts an annual conference and presents awards to member districts to recognize outstanding programming, facilities, and services to the community.

Involvement in CARPD is accomplished through the active participation of agency board and staff members. CARPD operations and services are supported by a sliding fee structure based upon tax revenue or assessments, member agency contributions, and revenues generated by various association programs.

Our Mission

The California Association of Recreation and Park Districts advocates for and provides park districts the support needed to fulfill their role as providers of quality programs and facilities to their local communities.


  • Recognize and support the needs of member districts
  • Promote and support new and established partnerships amongst district community groups, state and local governments.
  • Monitor, promote, and support legislation that positively affects recreation and park districts.
  • Advocate and support stable service funding sources for park and recreation districts.
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