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Capitol Visit 2023

The CARPD Board of Directors' day at the Capitol was a success!

On March 15, 2023, CARPD Board Members spent the day meeting with several legislators and legislative staff including Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Silva, Chair, Committee on Sports, Entertainment, and Tourism; Assemblymember Blanca Pacheco, Assembly Committee on Local Government, author of AB 817; Catherine Baxter, Consultant to Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water; and Christian Griffith, Chief Consultant, Assembly Committee on Budget, to name a few.

CARPD Board Members also met with leaders from several State agencies including Sedrick Mitchell, Director of Office of Grants and Local Assistance (“OGALS”), Lori Nezurah, Deputy Director of Planning, Preparedness, and Prevention at California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services (“CalOES”), and David Teykaerts, Interim Division Chief with CalPERS, Office of Stakeholder Relations.

CARPD Board Members were able to meet in small groups at the legislators' offices to discuss issues that are important to Recreation and Park Districts.  Each meeting provided valuable dialogue and put CARPD on the map. Thank you to each of our CARPD Board Members for your participation in each of the meet and greets. And, thank you to our Legislative Advocates, Alyssa Silhi and Sharon Gonsalves of RPPG, for your hard work in scheduling the meetings and making sure our Board Members were prepared for each topic.  



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